Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marge Simpson Does Playboy


is not something I expected to so hitting the popular search trends. However, it seems Hef has found some sort of kindling desire for the blue haired MILF. I'm not saying I would want to do Marge Simpson, just saying Hef seems to have found something in common with her... maybe the hair. I wonder what color Marge Simpson's Pubes are... Blue or a die job. If a Die job, does she use kool-aid?

Personally, I would prefer to see Wilma Flintstone or Betty Rubble on the cover of Playboy, instead of Marge Simpson. Hmmm, maybe both Wilma and Betty in some sort of Lesbian trist, after all, how can you choose between Wilma and Betty.
Of course, there are plenty of other sexy cartoons to choose from, Jessica Rabbit, Jane Jetson being a simple few... But Marge Simpson in Playboy Magazine??? I guess if that is yer thang, you can check out Marge Simpson on the Cover of the November 2009 Issue of Playboy Magazine.

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